AIM Radio Ep 002


Join us for episode 2 where we discuss the basics of nutrition, supplements and training to help guide you on your journey of weight loss, muscle building or an everyday healthier life.  Learn why Brandi is currently the focus of our 90 Day Transformation Challenge on Facebook, what she calls the palm, fist, fist method (Hint: a silent fart) and the NSFW reason why Brandi doesn’t use pre workout.

 Life:  Brandi Is The Focus & Why

  • Injury
  • Show ladies the way
  • Show what we can do
  • Coming back from injury

Nutrition:  Basics

  • Whole foods
  • Lean protein, complex carbs & healthy fats
  • Calories in VS calories out

Supplements:  Basics / Hierarchy

  • Filling gaps in nutrition
  • Right choice for goal
  • Performance

Training Basics:  Stimulus, Goal Specific

  • Individualized
  • Resistance training focus
  • Recovery

Shout Outs:

  • Towboating Addiction
  • Towboater Families
  • Tug Boating
  • Anchored In Muscle Challenge Crew
  • Ryan Nave, Hank Flippo, Shawn McChesney, Antonio Paz


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