AIM Radio Ep 003

Hang out with us for the next hour while we talk about life, “ADD” and let you all in on an exciting announcement, all for the purpose of trying to help everyone with their nutrition, fitness and muscle building goals.

Brandi finally starts coming out of her shell while Jason talks about being home and drills her on her progress since being able to return to the gym after a year of being out.  Hear Jason’s very old towboat story (NO NAMES ARE MENTIONED BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE IF YOU’RE LISTENING).

Staying focused on your workout routine is essential.  We will tell you what happens when you get workout ADD and why you should stick to your routine for at least 3 weeks before changing it up and some other helpful tips.

Finally, listen to the podcast for the ANNOUNCEMENTS.  We’re not saying giving away too many details here.  So, tune it and check it out.  


  • Jason’s last hitch & goals while off
  • Brandi’s progress
  • Towboat Story


  • ADD


  • Announce new workout challenge
  • Giving away 5 $25 gift certificates from 1st Phorm
    • Best towboat story
    • Mini challenge winner (push up challenge – starting today until end of May)
    • Best picture sunrise/sunset/scenery pic from boat
    • Like, share, subscribe to FB fan page, blog & podcast
  • Send us pics of workout area on boat – picture will be featured on website

Shout Outs:

  • Towboating Addiction
  • Towboater Families
  • Anchored In Muscle Challenge Crew


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