AIM Radio Ep 008

Maritime Challenge Interview With Captain Kenny

The Maritime Throwdown is an all-out line handling competition that is designed for mariners from all maritime fields.  No matter whether you work on a towboat, shrimp boat, trawler, oyster boat, supply vessel, harbor tug, ice breaker, a tanker or grocery boat, you need to come and join us for the competition, have some fun and win some cash.  

In this podcast, join us to hear all about Captain Kenny Brown the mastermind of the Maritime Throwdown, his background in the maritime industry, vision for the event and how this all came together. 

Kenny breaks down the Maritime Throwdown course for us in detail as he explains his vision of an America‚Äôs Ninja Warrior inspired course adapted for maritime skills. We go into every detail of the AIM Challenge, a winner takes all battle of skill, muscle and strategy designed to find the best of the best from all maritime fields.  The AIM Challenge is a winner take all, single part line throwing event featuring 3 rounds of attempts to see who can catch the longest single part line.  Last but not least, Kenny explains the final event of the competition.  The heaving line toss.  Who will come out on top? 

Best of all, listen for full details on all the cash prizes and giveaways.  There is BIG money on the line and even a special announcement of even more cash now on the line. 

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