Stretching is such a crucial part of our workouts that most of us completely underutilize and forget to do… HEY, ME TOO! I definitely do not stretch every day, but I try to as much as I can when I can. There are multiple movements one can do in stretching but most people do not realize there are different types of stretching as well. They are known as dynamic and static sustained stretching.

Dynamic stretching is recommended to be performed prior to working out. This involves movements to help warm up your joints, muscles, and get blood flowing to your muscles. Examples would be: leg swings, arm circles, etc.

Static sustained stretching is recommended to be performed after your workouts. These are stretches where you hold that position between 30-60 seconds. This is beneficial to help with flexibility, elongate the muscles, and even help in your recovery process to help you not feel as tight and sore the next day.

When performing static sustained stretching make sure you are not bouncing or pushing yourselves too far into a stretch. This is known as ballistic stretching which you will see a lot of dancers and gymnasts perform.

So, are you stretching every day? Are you properly warming up your muscles to prevent injury? Probably not.

Let’s go out of our way and get start putting this essential and easy implementation into our programs and routines to better ourselves and our bodies!!

Let’s see your stretches today!!!