HOW Do We Help People For FREE? 

We are not teaching or providing any SECRET KNOWLEDGE, it’s all out there already. Our focus is teaching core principals and how to apply them to your goals. With the combination of 24 years training experience in the gym, a life time of self-study and intensive certification courses. We bring a common-sense approach to every aspect of fat loss, muscle building and wellness. We take the time to explain things as many times as it takes, make a phone call, send a message, send individual private instructional videos and hold people accountable.  Also, we will write a workout, find a meal plan, calculate macros and adjust nutrition to the individuals specific needs.   In additon, we also develop supplement strategies that actually work while saving money by focusing ONLY on filling GAPS in nutrition and NEED!


The 1st Phorm TransPhormation Challenge 

We can be your ONLINE TRAINER for FREE through the 1st Phorm TransPhormation Challenge. The Challenge boasts a total of $250,000.00 in cash prizes, a wealth of information and membership to the Legion of Boom which is comprised of millions of like-minded people for support.

With your Entry, you get access to a website containing everything you could ever need to achieve your goals. The website will develop meal plans and workouts tailored to your specific goals, adjust them as you progress and provide specific education. As a result, this will ensure you learn the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW to’s to keep you on a path to lifelong success.

Within the website, you will find countless blog posts on nutrition, training, recipes and supplementation.  You will also have access to the staff of NASM certified trainers at 1st Phorm HQ to compliment your contact with us.  Plus, as your trainer, we will work closely with you to advise you in more fine detail and further adjust your nutrition and training as you progress.  In addition to providing you support, we will also help you with life style aspects and be available for you when you have questions. 

Click on the link below or the TransPhormation Challenge Logo above  to sign up for 1st Phorm’s TransPhormation Challenge with me as your online coach for FREE: 

1st Phorm TransPhormation Challenge


Anchored In Muscle TransPhormation Challenge

We host FREE TransPhormation Challenges within our Anchored In Muscle Challenge Facebook Group.  In this group, we offer educational videos, Facebook live sessions, educational posts, motivation, workouts and meal plans.  We also offer supplement counseling and positive community of support. Also offered are varying prize packs of supplements by 1st Phorm and gear that we feel will best help the winner continue their results and set them up for long term success.  We have seen a lot of success with our Challenges with members losing up to 25 lbs. in 30 days and making lifelong friends along the way.  We invite you to join and take part in our next Challenge. 

(All prizes are sponsored by Anchored In Muscle through FAN SUPPORT)

Click on the link below or our Facebook group cover photo above to request access:

Anchored In Muscle Challenge Crew


Anchored In Muscle Workout Challenge 

We love challenges and we understand that FAT LOSS isn’t going to be the MAIN GOAL for everyone. With this in mind, we also run FREE workout challenges on our Facebook Anchored In Muscle Workout Challenge Group.  These challenges are based on getting people moving, having fun and friendly competition. Of course, YES there is ALWAYS a PRIZE pack of 1st Phorm supplements. 

(All prizes are sponsored by Anchored In Muscle through FAN SUPPORT)

Click on the link below or our Facebook group cover photo above to request access:

Anchored In Muscle Workout Challenge Group


Finally, we offer a host of educational content provided 100 % free through this website with blog posts, videos on our YouTube Channel, posts on our various Facebook groups, our Facebook fan page and Instagram. We continue to work very hard to find new ways to help people for free. You are invited to take part, join, take advantage our content, reach out to us for help, and be a part of our Phamily. 

Facebook:  Anchored In Muscle

Instagram: themusclecaptain

YouTube:  Anchored In Muscle


We will, DO BIG THINGS! 

We are always looking to improve our reach and impact. Next up on our list of things to offer will be the LAUNCH of our very own PODCAST.