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I would like to take a moment to let you know who we are and our mission.  WE ARE ANCHORED IN MUSCLE.  I am Jason, AKA Captain Nasty and our mission is to help you become your own trainer FOR FREE.

We will be coming at you as a REAL, EVERYDAY people, not as fitness professionals even though my wife and I are both certified personal trainers and hold multiple other certifications within the fitness profession.  I have a real life career as a boat captain.  I transport chemicals and goods that fuel the world.  It’s a high stress, high demand, very competitive, dangerous industrial field.  Just like many of you, I live a real world life and I face every challenge that you face.  So does my wife.  We are a husband and wife team finding ways to bring our knowledge and experience in training nutrition and supplementation to you for free.

Everyone has to start somewhere.  I began reading bodybuilding magazines at 17.  Now, at 41, I have a lifetime of in the gym experience and years of research and studying under my belt.  Even today, I continue to read books by the worlds leading coaches, view online seminars, listen to podcasts and even use YouTube as a tool to continue learning.  

We want to educate you and we are going to give it to you for free.  We know you may have tons of questions like:

    Where do I start?

    What workouts should I be doing?

    What should I be eating?

How does this all come together?

When should I change my training routine?

We are here to help you with all of your questions because we want to help you succeed.  We know it isn’t easy.  As a result, we will be there with you every step of the way and like I said before, FREE.  Check out our YouTube channel which has informational videos posted for you to view.  Many of those videos will also be posted on our website as well.  Join our Facebook page, where you will also find support from us as well as other members who are the same as you. Click here to connect to our Anchored In Muscle Fan PageAnchored In Muscle Facebook Group and Anchored In Muscle Workout Challenge.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jason & Brandi Buckner



Jason Buckner aka Captain Nasty



I was introduced to weight training at 13 while playing football for my local junior high school and was hooked. At 17 I met a regional level bodybuilder who had opened a gym in town. He took interest in me and took me under his wing. Over the next year, I would go on to learn all the fundamentals of bodybuilding. Weight training quickly became a passion for me as I learned more and more. I began reading books, magazines and following the sport of bodybuilding. When the internet came along, I became a student of everything that I could find. I went on to build 6 gyms and workout rooms on different boats as I progressed through my career as a Captain before taking a job on a day boat. 

Working on a day boat allowed me to join a commercial gym again and take my training to the next level. With a PASSION to learn more and get all the “secrets”, I went on to hire competing bodybuilders as trainers and I began to have my own aspirations of one day competing myself. 

In 2013 I decided to build my own gym, make my own environment as I had become frustrated with the culture of the commercial gyms in my local area.  Much like anyone else, I pieced it together with what I could afford from Academy or Walmart and picked up a few items for sale by individuals along the way.  In 2014 we came across a local gym that was going out of business. It had always been my dream to someday open my own gym and now I had the chance. Brandi and I made the decision to buy out the equipment, take a chance on ourselves and set on the path that we are on today.

I went on to study for and obtain my CPT from the ISSA, CFNS from NASM and PFTS from NESTA.  In March of 2016 I was selected as a Brand Rep for 1st Phorm.  My selection as a Brand Rep for 1st Phorm opens up many new opportunities with continuing education, online tools and financial support making it possible for us to begin offering our help for FREE.




Brandi Buckner



Hey y’all!  I have been an athlete my entire life.  Well, at least since the 4th grade when I began playing softball and was also on my high school drill team.  Of course, I was always skinny and toned until I graduated high school.  Now, I have never been obese, however, I did gain weight after school.  Prior to graduating high school and meeting Jason, I lost weight the wrong way (hint, hint).  Jason taught me the right way even though I will always battle the emotional issues left from my “wrong way” years.

I stopped playing softball around the summer of 2012.  I had been playing on what I thought was a torn meniscus for years but always toughed it out.  Surgery to repair it was finally happening.  Unfortunately, when I was in surgery, the doctor discovered I didn’t have a torn meniscus.  It was a micro-fracture on the ball of my femur.  Once I healed up and completed my physical therapy,  I had to do something to get back into shape.  This began my fitness journey.

I went out into the gym with Jason and started soaking everything in he was doing and mimicking him.  After a while, I realized I wouldn’t play softball again.  My “knee” was never the same.  I flooded Jason with tons of questions.  We decided I should take a personal training course.  I wanted to know the “how’s and why’s” of everything we were doing in the gym.  That’s how I became a personal trainer.

I’m not as articulate as Jason when it comes to explaining things and being “normal” in a video.  Those of you who have seen me in the videos, know what I’m talking about.  I’m too nervous and goofy.  He’s the front man.  I’m better for suited for the “behind the scenes”, administrative portion, which is what I do.

I am not a cardio queen.  In fact I HATE cardio just like many of you do.  I like to lift and LIFT HEAVY.  Mentally I compete with Jason in the gym, knowing I will never beat him but it’s fun to do and it keeps me pushing myself forward.  

I love to help people and see them succeed.  People should know that I deal with the same struggles as everyone else.  My weight fluctuates up and down.  I have emotional ties to food which stems from my binge eating days.  The diet and meal timing are my nemesis.  I would like for people to see me as “real”.