Support Our Movement

Support Our Movement

It has always been our number one GOAL to HELP people and FIND a way to do so for FREE!  To provide education, support and motivation in a way that allows us to NEVER CHARGE any one DIRECTLY for our help.  To be able to get money out of the COACH / CLIENT equation and focus on the friendships we are trying to build and people that we are trying to reach!  I’ve hired trainers myself with the hope that I would get all the “inside tips and tricks” with the desire to BELONG to something and be an insider to the culture.  It’s a sad thing but, to be honest, I already knew the skills and principals we were putting to use in our sessions.  Most importantly, I never heard from my trainers unless it was time to buy more sessions.  The fitness industry and culture as a whole has not been very inclusive, friendly or caring about those they are supposed to be serving and HELPING but there are some that are now working to change that.  We hope to be on the front lines of this change.  We have worked and continue to work very hard to align ourselves with like-minded professionals, organizations and companies who invest in their customers, followers and clients by providing a QUALITY VALUE and true HELP over SELLING.  By doing so, we take advantage of the opportunities they can provide to not only us but pass that on to our FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS and FANS.

Our Pledge to you is that you will NEVER be charged nor SOLD anything for our FRIENDSHIP, HELP, SUPPORT, COUNSELING, ADVICE, CONTENT or COMMITMENT to YOU.  You will NEVER be asked to buy ANYTHING and you will NEVER receive spam emails from us.

We will ASK for your SUPPORT!  We will ASK that you SUPPORT others and PAY IT FORWARD.  You can SUPPORT our MOVEMENT by coming to us for items that you NEED, WANT or could be HELPFUL along your journey.  By doing so you will be supporting us and what we do here.  You will help us to GROW and EXPAND on what we can do for you and OTHERS along the way. This page will be dedicated to PROVIDING you links to items and brands that we actually use, own and BELIEVE in ourselves.  By using any link here or posted by us to our social media you will be CHOOSING to SUPPORT what we do and yourself HELPING OTHERS.

Thank you in advance for giving us your support, faith and trust.  We are committed to doing EVERYTHING possible to make a lasting IMPACT on your life!

Jason and Brandi


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