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Captain Nasty Recommended


No doubt, you will wonder what we recommend.  You should!  We believe in getting our clients the BIGGEST BANG for their buck.  The BEST RESULTS possible, with as little spending as possible.  Here are the NO BULLSHIT best recommendations I could possibly make.  In fact what I’m going to recommend here are EXACTLY what we buy and give away as a PRIZE to our TransPhormation Challenge winners.  These supplements should be the CORE, the FOUNDATION, of any supplement strategy.  Multi Vitamin (M-Factor Hero /  M-Factor Goddess), Fish Oil (Full Mega), Post Workout Stack (Phormula 1 and Ignition) and always have a meal replacement protein (Level 1) on hand to ensure that you get your meals in.

Supplement counseling is 100% FREE.  Please contact us directly for any questions you have.  Let us access your individual NEEDS and make specific recommendations based on your current situation and goal.

WARNING (Diabetics MUST NOT USE Ignition)

Captain Nasty’s Personal Supplement List

Above I gave you what supplements we recommend as your FOUNDATION.  I feel they are the CORE of any well thought out plan. Beyond that, I am willing to bet you want to know EXACTLY what I actually use myself.  I use 1st Phorm supplements EXCLUSIVELY!

Here is EXACTLY what I actually invest my money in and use myself. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss how and when I use each product.